LGA Architecture


To create a balance between aesthetics, functionality and available funding …

LGA Architecture considers good design to be a reflection of ourselves and our activities, functions and environment, balanced by our resources and limitations, and expressed to the fullest potential within the spaces we occupy.

To achieve good design, we look, listen, analyze, communicate and create fully-developed, integrated solutions that:

  • Provide excellence in innovative planning and design
  • Incorporate user functional requirements, design standards and preferred products/systems
  • Express the surrounding physical and cultural environment
  • Capture the user’s diverse everyday experience
  • Reflect local activities and the community at large
  • Encourage interaction of interior and exterior elements in a rich exchange of experiences
  • Utilize dynamic architectural elements to evoke a sequence of discoveries as one circulates through a space
  • Enrich everyday experience with representative landscaping
  • Celebrate through design unique events, features and opportunities that excite the spirit
  • Integrate regulatory requirements
  • Incorporate LEED™ and sustainability concepts